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Entry #4

Art Gallery Subbmission!

2009-06-19 19:28:06 by migit1

I drew Master Cheif a while back and now that there is an art portal.....I submitted it! so review it and tell me what you think. Take a look at it.

Art Gallery Subbmission!


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2009-06-19 19:55:45

cool and well done. i jus uploaded a pic too.

migit1 responds:

Cool I'll check it out. and thanks for the comment. i dont get those a lot :)


2009-06-19 21:42:54

i just recommend your halo drawing... can you recommend me?

(Updated ) migit1 responds:

No prob :)
Done and done


2009-10-04 11:17:28

Well done, but it could use some work. Better than my Master Chief though:3

migit1 responds:

yeah its a little weird around the head :) thanks