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Art Gallery Subbmission!

2009-06-19 19:28:06 by migit1

I drew Master Cheif a while back and now that there is an art portal.....I submitted it! so review it and tell me what you think. Take a look at it.

Art Gallery Subbmission!

Prototype rules.

The End.

And some guy tries to use the AWESOME style in his flash. Rip off. And its not that he tries to use the style. Come on, you know everyone tries to use it. Its so AWESOME. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't use it to criticize [PROTOTYPE]...Even though he has never played it and knows nothing about it.


2009-05-15 14:22:55 by migit1

I've been addicted to Spewer....A lot...That game is awesome.I wish I could join the Power of 3 contest thing but I don't know how to use flash or program or make music sooo....yeah thats all...


2009-03-11 20:02:07 by migit1

Hey i'm new here :) well not really...i'm not new to the site but i just made my account on the site.One of my favorite games is portal defenders...soooo yeah...theres some stuff about me bye :)